Relative Entropy

This non-linear idea explores the possibility that order and entropy are relative to the observer. We normally say that a neat line of some 100 cubes is more organized (has less entropy) than the same hundred cubes strewn all over the table. And this distinction appears independent of the observer. The daring proposition is to say that order and disorder are defined over a metric space, which is a subjective virtual construct put up by the observer in order to be able to absorb his, or her incoming data. And hence, one could envision a different observer, constructing an alternative space, where the “randomized cubes” will fit into a neat order, and the well ordered cubes will appear randomized.

Much as Einstein was able to ‘deform space’ in order to offer simple mechanical explanation to gravity, so one can rewrite entropy gradients for a purpose.

The pending challenge to DGS is to first define a community acceptable description of the concept, the effort needed to either achieve it, or to table the idea altogether.


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