The World in 2045: Kurzweil Linearity v. Geometric Surprise

Ray Kurzweil, authoritatively, (he is Google director of wild future stuff), foresees the migration of bio-consciousness to smarter, faster, bit-wise computers. This is like the futurists that thought that the newly invented engine will be used to build artificial horses, with legs propagated by steam. Alas, the future proved time and again, it is not linear. The digital age is running into its limits. See the “Bit is not It”. Beyond the digital era lies in wait the revolution of the geometry of distances: space – dimensionality, curvature will be the the technological elements that would rewrite human trajectory deep into this century. Einstein space-time will be to future space-geometry like an abacus is relative to today’s computers. The biggest impact on life and society will be the blurring of the border line between me and you, between the various individuals that form society. It is anticipated the new space-geometry will evolve into an indivisible society that will dilute the sense of distinct self. Communication between people will be on so many channels, so intense, so compelling that individualism will lose its meaning. Much as living cells, are not individual entities as much as they are building blocks of a human being, so human beings will become the building blocks of a human society, and flourish as such contributors, not as me-only and me-separate. Death will fade away as an issue because the blurring of the self will imply durable life within the larger societal entity.

Cosmological theories already point to multi-dimensional spaces that fit within a single point of hosting space. Review of the history of science shows that the dominant feature in the growth of physics is, and always was the geometric grasp of reality. As this grasp evolves, so does life.

This vision of space-geometry, will remain marginalized and under the Kurzweil’s radar sweeping for bit-wise progress, which will go on for a good while. So for joiners I can only promise a long march in the scientific wilderness. Are you still interested?


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